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“Remember: Don't forget to order a new planner each year”

Latest News

How many live lambs are you hoping there will be this year?

Lambing time is extremely busy time for flockmaster’s.  Preparations actually started way back just after weaning the last crop of  lambs. The coming weeks will inevitably be tiring and hectic; the ultimate aim  is to have as many thriving lambs as possible to rear.  Unfortunately, along the way there will  always be losses, some are avoidable, if not this year then in following years.

New health planning tool for UK sheep producers

The EasiPlanner has been developed independently by Geoff Hooper of VSM Limited following widespread industry consultation.

"This new system is designed to appeal to sheep producers who want to move towards a more active approach to health planning. It gives them a highly practical aide memoir as a flock management and chronicling tool that also fulfills the legislative need to have a written health plan in place. Used in association with their medicine and sheep movement record books, the system delivers everything a producer needs to become fully compliant in these important areas. It also provides a full flock health record for farm assurance inspections and helps ensure animal health products are used in the most timely and advantageous way," he said.

K sheep farmers can now take advantage of a highly practical, visually based flock health planning tool that is simple to customise for any farm situation or annual production cycle.

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