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“Remember: Don't forget to order a new planner each year”

Weaning is a useful time to act

With all the severe pressures on the industry by many things which are outside our control, we can at least make plans. Around weaning time is the ideal time to spend a few hours making sure that everything is going to fall into place for the coming year.

Why weaning time? Surely lambing time is the start of the production. Well yes, you could look at it that way if you so wish, but by then, you might only be able to make minor changes and may have missed the boat to achieve the best results. The need is to manage things and take control by finishing the current breeding/production cycle off and put the plans in place for next year. This is one area where we all have control - planning, it's a choice.

The problem with running things the way they always have been is a tendency is trying to remember everything rather than following a plan. Accepting there needs to be flexibility to accommodate changes and the impact of weather etc. Tasks still need to be done in order or consequences may result which are costly in terms of additional work or lost production.

By dividing the year by the production cycle rather than by months and putting in place a constant reminder in the form of a visual plan could make life much simpler. Making sure and recording as each task is completed will ensure right timing and it act as constant aide memoir - that is exactly where EasiPlanner comes in and provides a full visual awareness of what needs to be done and when.

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